my name is ryan taylor

and i write

  code c# c++ java sql html css javascript


I am a Toronto-based programmer, and this is my playground. A place to experiment, learn, and grow. A place for ideas, good or bad, and constant evolution. I am a multidisciplinary developer who lives for variety and new experiences; the work displayed here represents a mere fraction of my technical interests, and I'm always learning new methods, frameworks, and languages. I'm always looking for new opportunities, so get in touch with me if you have a project you'd like to discuss.

As a software developer, I have been responsible for maintaining large-scale traffic management software projects worldwide, from Connecticut and Yosemite National Park in the United States to international systems in Ireland, Greece, and Israel. Using C++, C#, .NET, MFC, and WCF, I have debugged years-old software and extended applications based on client requirements and constraints, with an emphasis on best practices and simple, maintainable code. I have also played a key role in interfacing these systems with Oracle and SQL Server databases, and deploying them in live production environments on Windows Server failover clusters.

As a web developer, I have experience with both Windows and Linux environments in a full-stack development role. Professionally I have worked to move aging C++ and C# systems into the browser-based world using ASP.NET, WCF services, SignalR, and knockout.js, while many of my personal and collaborative projects run on Linux stacks, some of which I manage myself. I've worked with node.js, PHP, MySQL, and MongoDB, and I take pride in writing clean, concise HTML5 markup, CSS3 styling (often with SASS/SCSS), and Javascript, be it custom or using a framework or library such as jQuery. Though I haven't worked with them yet, I am interested in Python- and Ruby-based web frameworks as well, and plan on exploring them in future projects.

This website was written from scratch using modern web technology, without any third-party code. Browser compatibility is constantly being improved, but for the best viewing experience ensure your browser of choice is fully updated.

Enjoy your stay!